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ADVOCATES FOR SURVIVORS OF DOMESTIC                208-788-4191

VIOLENCE                                                                   208-788-6070

P.O. Box 3216                                                                (24 hours)

Hailey, Idaho 83333                                                       1-888-676-0066      


SERVICES: 24-hour hotline, emotional support, counseling referrals, group counseling, temporary safe housing, referrals for financial, legal and medical aid. Court advocacy. Support group and counseling scholarships available.




Washington                       800-322-2588

Utah                                888-222-2542


SERVICES: Pregnancy testing and health care, financial assistance, nutrition information.




BOOTH FAMILY CARE CENTER (Salvation Army)      208-343-3571

1617 N. 24th Street                             8-4:30 M-F

Boise, Idaho 83702


AREA SERVED: All of Idaho.


CONTACT:  Debby Woodall


PURPOSE: Residential care for pregnant girls; outpatient care for those living in Boise and surrounding communities, mother and infant extended care.


SERVICES: Education grades 7-12, classes in life skills, childbirth, infant care, and parenting. Medical care--medical checkup and delivery in St. Luke's Hospital, Boise. Spiritual growth opportunities. Leisure time activities. Counseling--maternal/infant care; adoption support. Financial arrangements.


ELIGIBILITY: State contract for girl under age 18; over 18 according to need.


FEES: Sliding scale or variable according to need.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Private funding; Health & Welfare contracts; Federal funding for maternal and infant care; United Way.




CENTER FOR NEW DIRECTIONS                 208-736-0070

College of Southern Idaho                 - Ext. 360

P.O. Box 1238                                    

Twin Falls, Idaho 83303


Hailey Campus: 115 S. Main, Hailey          208-788-2033


SERVICES: Center for New Directions; deal with battered men and women; counseling for persons entering the job market; building self-esteem; new image. Re-entry school program for anyone who has been out of school awhile and wants to return. Basic Skills Academy & Study Skills Center; GED classes, English as a second language, and individualized instruction for illiterate people.




FEES: Vary--call for information.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Federal, state and local grants.



VOICES AGAINST VIOLENCE                         208-733-0100 or .800-882-3236
P O Box 2444 

Twin Falls, Idaho 83303-2444                            


PURPOSE:  Women’s shelter and supportive services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault

SERVICES: 24-hour crisis line, shelter home, individual and group counseling sessions, legal/court advocacy, childcare, and transportation. Community outreach and training are also available upon request. All services of the Crisis Center are free of charge.



DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE, INTERNATIONAL     (Safe Helpline)          877-995-5247


PURPOSE:  Help is available to callers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hotline advocates are available for victims and anyone calling on their behalf to provide crisis intervention, safety planning, information and referrals to agencies in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Assistance is available in English and Spanish with access to more than 170 languages through interpreter services.


SERVICES: The Hotline serves as the only domestic violence hotline in the nation with access to more than 5,000 shelters and domestic violence programs across the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands



PLANNED PARENTHOOD HAILEY                         208578-4906

Planned                 Help for teens and parents.  Teen pregnancy information and support.




FAMILY PLANNING CLINIC (Pro-Choice)                       208-788-4335

117 Ash St.

Bellevue, Idaho


SERVICES: Confidential (age 13 and over) pregnancy counseling, testing, pre-natal care, birth control information and counseling, adoption and abortion information and referrals, crisis pregnancy counseling.


FEES: Sliding scale.




NATIONAL ABORTION FEDERATION                               800-772-9100




PLANNED PARENTHOOD                        208-376-9300

4301 Franklin Road                                     M-Th 9-7, Fri 9-6

Boise, Idaho 83705                                     2 Sats/month 10-2


PURPOSE: Women's reproductive health care and community education.


SERVICES: Reproductive health care, referrals, birth control, educational services, mother-daughter, puppet show for abuse, abortion information, Facts of Life Line. Classes for moms/daughters 9 yrs to 12 yrs, 13 yrs to 15 yrs, parents/sons 10 yrs to 13 yrs, 14 yrs to 18 yrs. Topics covered: communication skills, puberty, self-esteem, dating-date rape, contraception, etc.




FEES: Sliding scale based on income, low income criteria grants.







PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT (Pro-Choice)     208-788-4335

117 Ash St.

Bellevue, Idaho                                                                  8-5 M-F


AREA SERVED: Blaine County.


PURPOSE: Physical health, environmental health.


SERVICES: WIC immunizations, home nursing service for well babies, high-risk infants, pregnancy information, AIDS testing, pro-choice family planning clinic.


ELIGIBILITY: Doctor referral, low income.




SOURCE OF FUNDS: South Central District Health Department.


COMMENTS: 800-632-5927, Department of Preventative Medicine.





GAY & LESBIAN SUPPORT GROUP                                   208-336-3870

Community Center

PO Box 323

308 East 37th Street

Garden City, ID 


AREA SERVED:  Boise, Treasure Valley


PURPOSE:  To provide support, information, and referrals to gay men and women.


SERVICES:  The community center is open at variable times and has a library. They have regular support groups, and groups to play cards together.  Center publishes a monthly newspaper with free 3-month trial subscription.  The Nook, a coffeehouse in the Hyde Park area of Boise provides an alternative to gay bars.






PRIVATE AGENCIES: Hailey Medical Clinic; Sun Valley Family Practice.




RAPE CRISIS HOTLINE, BOISE                208-345-7273 24 hrs

Women's Crisis Center                                    (Collect calls okay)

YWCA, Boise

720 W. Washington

Boise, Idaho





WOMEN'S RESOURCE CENTER                                      208-727-8733

1450 Aviation Drive, Suite 200                                      Mon.-Fri. hrs: 9:00 – 5:00

Hailey, ID                                                      


PURPOSE: To facilitate and provide support, referral, and educational services to the women of the Wood River Valley area to enhance their status, quality of life and continuing growth.


SERVICES: Resource library, information and referral helpline, health education, parenting classes and support, emergency clothing, food, and supplies.



UTAH WOMEN'S HEALTH CENTER                801-363-1920

515 South 400 East

Salt Lake City, Utah


SERVICES:  Full-service OB-GYN, abortion.


FEES:  Fee varies depending on trimester. Fee rises after first trimester. No personal checks. Money order, cash, Mastercard, VISA accepted.



VOICES AGAINST VIOLENCE                     208-733-0100 (24 hrs)

also Crisis Center of Magic Valley

P.O. Box 2444                                                               208-733-5054         

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301

(Shelter address not given out for safety.)


PURPOSE: Spouse abuse, child abuse, rape.


SERVICES: 24-hour crisis line, shelter, food, clothing, counseling, legal aid, help in relocation to women and their children. Will also “refer” battered men to someone who can help with shelter and counseling. If caller calls during business hours, one-on-one counseling will be available.


ELIGIBILITY: Women who are abused and afraid for their physical well-being. No other options available. Physically and psychologically capable of caring for herself and her children. Not intoxicated or displaying drug abuse behavior. No male children over 12 years of age accompanying her.


FEES: Minimal daily fee if women is able to pay.


HOW TO APPLY: All victims must be assessed by a volunteer before being brought to the shelter.



WOMEN’S AND CHILDREN’S ALLIANCE                     208-343-3688

YWCA, Boise                               (Collect calls okay)

726 W. Washington

Boise, Idaho


SERVICES: Provides long-term shelter. No charge. Children welcome, including teenage boys up to age 18. RAPE CRISIS HOTLINE (see above) at 208-345-7273 available 24 hours (can call collect).







P.O. Box 1982                              208-726-7710 (office)

Ketchum, Idaho 83340


AREA SERVED: Blaine County.


PURPOSE: A support group of teenagers where alcohol is a problem in their lives either directly or indirectly. These meetings are not for alcohol-abusing teens; for such meetings, call 208-726-4650 for time and place.


ELIGIBILITY: Teenagers 13-19 years of age.



BLAINE COUNTY RECREATION                  208-578-2273

1050 Fox Acres Rd.                                            9-5  M-F

Hailey, Idaho 83333


AREA SERVED: Blaine County, including Carey and Picabo.


PURPOSE: Establish fun activities for kids in a healthy environment.


SERVICES: Aquatics, basketball, soccer, etc.


ELIGIBILITY: 3 yrs to Junior High.


FEES: Varies according to program.


HOW TO APPLY: Call-flyers sent home through the schools. Fill out paperwork.



BLAINE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT #61                                  208-578-5000               

SERVICES: Special Psychological Services provides testing for students with learning disabilities. Social work may be reached at 208-788-4928.


HOW TO APPLY: Referral by teacher/principal.



BOY SCOUTS                                208-733-2067

Snake River Council

Wood River Area


AREA SERVED: South Central Idaho.


PURPOSE: Promotes youth and good value systems for boys.

Ages 8-18.


FEES: Yearly registration fees.




CHILD ABUSE PROGRAM                                  208-788-3584

IDAHO DEPT. OF HEALTH & WELFARE                208-734-4000         

621 Main St.                                                   (After hours)

Bellevue, ID  833301                                       


Chris Waitley, Exec.Director                                208-678-0974

Burley Office



AREA SERVED: Blaine County.


PURPOSE: To provide services directed to enable individuals, families, and children to restore, maintain, and enhance their capabilities of self-support, self-care, independent living, and strengthening family.


SERVICES: Child abuse investigation, sexual abuse investigation, adult services information and referral. Counseling and psychotherapy. Treatment for sexual abuse, physical abuse and youth rehabilitation.


FEES: None for most services; based on income for other services.





Idaho Department of Health & Welfare

450 West State Street

Boise, Idaho 83720


PURPOSE: To provide diagnostic treatment and rehabilitative services for handicapped children 0-20 years of age.


SERVICES: Orthopedic rehabilitation, cleft lip and palate program, neurologic program, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, cystic fibrosis program, cardiac program, congenital and acquired heart defects.


ELIGIBILITY: Live in Idaho, under age 21 (except adult cystic fibrosis).


FEES: Based on total family income, family size, medical expenses, etc.


HOW TO APPLY: Go to Health Department in caller's area.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: State and federal.




4-H                                       208-788-5585

County Extension Service                  9-5 M-F

Old Blaine County Courthouse

Hailey, Idaho 83333


PURPOSE: Youth education programs to teach life skills--leadership and responsibility.






GIRL SCOUTS OF AMERICA                    208-726-9637

P.O. Box 6

Ketchum, Idaho 83340


Snake River Council                                                  208-733-2067


ELIGIBILITY: Grades 1-6.






GAY & LESBIAN SUPPORT GROUP                            208-336-3870

Community Center

305 East 37th St.

Garden City, ID 


AREA SERVED: Boise, Treasure Valley


PURPOSE: To provide support, information and referrals to gay men and women.


SERVICES:     The Community Center is open at variable times and has a library.  The Center publishes a monthly newsletter. 



GAY/LESBIAN HOTLINE                                                    888-843-4564



GAY HOTLINE                                                                      888-340-4528

Gay Youth Hotline (under 21)                    800-399-7337



GUARDIAN AD LITEM PROGRAM                 208-733-9351

P.O. Box 531                              8-5 M-F

Twin Falls, Idaho 83303-0531


AREA SERVED: Eight Magic Valley counties (Blaine, Camas, Twin Falls, Jerome, Minidoka, Cassia, Lincoln and Gooding counties).


PURPOSE: Provide support to child in court--"friend" of child or advocate for child in sexual or physical abuse or neglect cases. Guardian ad litem would accompany child in court.


SERVICES: County pays child's attorney--supports child in court proceedings. Sexual or physical abuse and neglect cases. Representation of child, provides support in court only. Guardian ad litem may be involved in some independent investigation.


ELIGIBILITY: Any child that has been abused/neglected.


FEES: None--all volunteer.


HOW TO APPLY: Call 208-733-9351/court appointed.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Funded by grants and donations.


COMMENTS: Gives child a friend to get through court proceedings and gives child support. If home is needed for abused child, contact Volunteers Against Violence (208-733-0100) or Advocates for Survivors of Domestic Violence (208-788-6070).



HOME FREE PROGRAM                         208-733-4376


461 Second Avenue South

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301


PURPOSE: To provide free transportation home for runaways.


SERVICES: Free transportation home to teenagers under age 17.


ELIGIBILITY: Under 17 years of age and a documented runaway. Must have a caseworker number and be brought in by an officer of the court or police officer.


FEES: Free.




1450 Main Street                          8-5 M-F

Gooding, Idaho 83330                      208-934-4457

                                          (After hours)

AREA SERVED: State of Idaho.


PURPOSE: To provide those with sight and hearing impairments with educational programs that any hearing or sighted person would obtain in a public school.


SERVICES: Services available to student include hearing tests, mobility instruction for the blind, Braille and sign language classes and both residential and day programs.


ELIGIBILITY: Preschool and school-age child with hearing and/or visual impairment.


FEES: None.


HOW TO APPLY: Call or referral from school district.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: State of Idaho.




INTERVENTION 180                                                           888-435-7960

Based in Boise

Ben Seymour, Director, Co-founder    


AREA SERVED:  National.


PURPOSE OF AGENCY:  National treatment referral and information service.  Will assist anyone with a drug problem.


SERVICES:  Substance abuse, mental health issues.  They send someone to the family for a 2-day process.  1st day:  6-8 hr presentation to the family.  2nd day:  They escort client to a treatment facility.

FEES:  Sliding scale.





219 – 1st Ave. So., Ste 105                                   

Hailey, Idaho 83333                          9-5 M-F


Eric Thomas:  Private Counselor               788-5528


After hours: call Sheriff's office to contact on-call probation officer.


AREA SERVED: Blaine County.


PURPOSE: Provide adolescent probation services, private counseling to adolescents and their families.

SERVICES: Counseling and psychotherapy to individuals and families specializing in adolescence. Also counseling for alcohol and drug abuse, free counseling for Vietnam vets.


SERVICES:  Supervise juveniles on probation and diversion. 

FEES: Probation services free of charge, Vietnam vets services free. Counseling through Wood River Medical Center and DUI/substance evaluation fees vary. Call for current information.







Teen Website

Chat Room Help/Online answers to Questions for teens



MISSING CHILDREN'S HOTLINE                800-843-5678

699 Prince St.                                         24 hr

Alexandria, VA  22314


AREA SERVED: Nat'l and Int'l.


PURPOSE: National clearinghouse for missing/and or exploited children.


SERVICES: Reports missing and/or exploited children to proper agencies. Assists parents in organizing search. Works with local agencies.


ELIGIBILITY: Individual reporting missing child must have legal custody of that child.


FEES: None.




SOURCE OF FUNDS: Gov't funded.





PURPOSE:  Information and advocacy concerning dating abuse.  The Helpline offers 24-hour one-on-one chat advocacy.  Outreach and awareness for teen safety.


Chat site: and



RUNAWAY HOTLINE                           1-800-RUNAWAY


                                                                                      24 HRS

PURPOSE: Runaways can call hotline and hotline will give message to their parents and vice versa. They listen. Refer runaways to shelters. Do NOT find runaways.  Crisis intervention services to include families.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Gov't funded.











Bellevue Elementary, K-3                            208-578-5080

Community Education/CSI                           208-788-2099

District #61 Superintendent                         208-788-2296

Hailey Elementary, 4-6                               208-788-3091

Hemingway Elementary, K-6                        208-578-5050

Ketchum/Sun Valley Community School         208-622-3955

Wood River High School                    208-788-3481

Wood River Middle School                           208-788-3523

Valley Christian School                                208-788-2406

District #61 Special Services                        208-788-4928

Stanley School                                           208-774-3503



VOICES AGAINST VIOLENCE                                           800-882-3236



THE TREVOR HELPLINE FOR TEENS                               800-850-0057


A National Suicide Prevention Hotline for gay and

questioning youth. Statistics have shown that gay teens are three

times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers.



SOS TEEN SUICIDE HOTLINE                                          800-949-0057

                                                                                                24 hr/7days/week

They cover Southeastern Idaho only and take calls only as far north as Boise. Based in Pocatello.





YOUTH AMERICA HOTLINE                                              877-968-8454

                                                                             24 Hrs/7 Days/week

YAH is the first and only toll free, peer to peer hotline network linking callers to community based peer counseling hotlines in the nation.

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