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So Much to be Grateful for

Even during these difficult times when we are unsure what tomorrow could bring as far as the news of the coronavirus, one thing that remains constant is the outpouring of support we see all around us. The Crisis Hotline is humbled at the show of support and financial gifts we've received to help us expand our services and meet the emotional needs of our community, especially within the Latino population.

In response to the strain felt by the pandemic our world is facing, The Crisis Hotline recently partnered with PROJECT.O.O.L.S & PARTNERS, Herbert Romero to empower a local team of Hispanic Leaders who are helping us bring a bilingual support line to our community. We are also collaborating together with the Environmental Resource Center and local businesses to offer Family Care Packages, as a means of keeping "our" children and families healthy and engaged.

We are able to serve in this new and much needed way thanks to the financial support of the Tidwell Idaho Foundation, The Spur Foundation, The Wood River Women's Foundation, The Papoose Club, Kiwanis Club and many other generous individuals. We are humbled by the support.

If you were wondering how you could help, please visit our Network For Good page and make a donation today or mail a check

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