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It Takes A Village

We have been proud to collaborate with some amazing organizations this past month to help deliver on the mission of enhancing the emotional and social well-being of "our" children and families living here in this beautiful community.

We have worked "hombro a hombro" (shoulder to shoulder, not mano a mano because of the virus) with Herbert Romero from PROJECT.O.O.L.S & PARTNERS to reach out and put "boots on the ground" during this time, especially with our Latino families, to let them know that we are here for them and we will make it through this together. We are continuing to build bridges and form alliances with our Hispanic leaders despite the challenges of the pandemic. These Hispanic leaders have assisted the organization in the introduction of the new bilingual support line and have been delivering family care packages designed to keep our community emotionally strong and connected. (246 children received packages this past month)

We have also had the pleasure of working together with other such important community partners as the young Hispanic Leaders of the Outdoor Adventure Program, The Environmental Resource Center and NAMI to name a few.

All of this outreach and the impacts we are able to make in this community are made possible through the grants received by Tidwell Id. Foundation, Spur Foundation, Wood River Women's Foundation, Heinz Family Foundation, many generous individuals and without a doubt, because of the dedication from the AMAZING TEAM OF VOLUNTEERS who staff the Hotline/Support Lines. We THANK YOU ALL. It takes a village.

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