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Idaho Department of Health & Welfare

450 West State

Boise, Idaho 83720


PURPOSE: to provide diagnostic treatment and rehabilitative services for handicapped children 0-20 years of age.


SERVICES: Orthopedic rehabilitation, clef lip and palate program, neurologic program, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, cystic fibrosis program, cardiac program, congenital and acquired heart defects.


ELIGIBILITY: Live in Idaho, under age 21 (except adult cystic fibrosis).


FEES: Based on total family income, family size, medical expenses., etc.


HOW TO APPLY: Go to Public Health Department in caller's area.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: State and federal funding.



CO-AD, INC. –DISABLED ADVOCATES              800-632-5125 

1409 W. Washington                                             208-336-5353 (Boise)

Boise, Idaho 83702


910 Yellowstone #203                                  208-232-0922

Pocatello, Idaho 83201


PURPOSE: To speak for and advocate the rights of the disabled.


SERVICES: Information on individual rights, referral to appropriate services, intervention when government systems are found inappropriate or ineffective, support for handicapped or family regardless of age, special education, social security assistance, legal assistance. Boise office runs TTY for the hearing impaired.


ELIGIBILITY: Need to fit criteria--must call directly.




484 Eastland Drive South

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301


PURPOSE: To rehabilitate mentally or physically handicapped. Main thrust is to mainstream back into normal jobs. Occasionally works with special ed. students under age 16 through the school system.


SERVICES: Diagnostic vocational evaluation, short-term training work adjustment, job development and placement, transition job training--may need skills--CSI course--or may need work adjustment program (work stamina, work habits). Also offer extended employment, supported employment, community supported employment.


ELIGIBILITY: Mentally or physically handicapped, 16 or older, not dangerous to self or others.


FEES: Vary, contact office or Idaho Department of Health & Welfare.


COMMENTS: Operates A & E industries employing handicapped. Janitorial, car detailing services, also "main car wash"---automated car wash in Twin Falls.





LIVING IN PLACE PROGRAM                             208-788-3468

Blaine County Senior Center

P.O. Box 28

Hailey, Idaho 83333


AREA SERVED: Blaine County.


PURPOSE: To provide R&R for care-givers of homebound individuals. Either the care-giver or the home-bound person must be age 60 or older.


COMMENTS: A volunteer service.



VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION                 208-733-0865 (TWF)

1605 Addison Avenue East

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301


AREA SERVED: Blaine County and Magic Valley.


PURPOSE: To help get individuals back to employment as soon as possible.


SERVICES: Psychological testing, emotional testing.


ELIGIBILITY: Disability must prevent individual from prior forms of employment. Physical or mental handicap.


FEES: No charge. Funding comes from both state and federal sources.






BLAINE CO. SERVICES                                                         208-788-5566

219 First Ave. So. Ste 201                                                8-6 M-Th

Hailey, Idaho 83333


AREA SERVED: Blaine County.


PURPOSE: To provide rent, mortgage, food, utilities for low-income households which are one month behind in payments.


SERVICES: Pays rent, mortgage, utilities, food for those one month in arrears.


ELIGIBILITY: Low income, contact office.


FEES: None.






RIVER OF LIFE                                                                     208-389-9840

575 – South 13TH Street  & River Street                                                                

Boise, Idaho


SERVICES: Shelter for homeless men.


ELIGIBILITY:  Registration is from 4 – 5:30 pm


FEES: None



HOMELESS SHELTER FOR WOMEN & CHILDREN                      208-368-9901


1404 West Jefferson Street

Boise, Idaho


SERVICES: Shelter for homeless women and children up to age 11.


ELIGIBILITY:  Check in is from 4 – 6:00 pm


FEES: None





INTERFAITH SANCTUARY FOR MEN                                          208-343-2630

1620 West River Street

Boise, Idaho


SERVICES:  Shelter for homeless men.  No meals provided.


ELIGIBILITY:  Check-in is from 6:00 on.  A person can come in 24 hours a day if they are not intoxicated or on drugs.


FEES: None


ST. LUKE'S CENTER FOR COMMUNITY HEALTH            208-727-8733

1450 Aviation Drive, Suite 200                                      Mon.-Fri. hrs: 9:00 – 5:00

Hailey, ID                                                      


SERVICES: Food, shelter and gas for the needy. Emergency lodging – one night at a motel in Hailey. No cash provided.

FEES: None.



SNOW MOUNTAIN APARTMENTS                         208-788-2395

823 Laurelwood, Box 1566                                    208-322-7055

Hailey, Idaho 83333


AREA SERVED: Blaine County.


PURPOSE: To provide low-income housing to elderly, handicapped and families.


SERVICES: Two and three-bedroom townhouses, community room.


ELIGIBILITY: Low income, credit checks. Application made at complex. Probable waiting list. Fees based on 30% of gross income.



SUMMIT APARTMENTS                                      208-788-2134

155 West Galena, P.O. Box 1716                              8-5 M-F

Hailey, Idaho 83333


AREA SERVED: Wood River Valley.


PURPOSE: To provide low-income housing to the handicapped but self-sufficient and the elderly.


SERVICES: One-bedroom housing with recreation room, caretaker, emergency cords, laundry room (20 units).


ELIGIBILITY: Minimum age of 62.


FEES: Based on 30% of gross income.

HOW TO APPLY: Call property manager at the telephone number indicated above



VALLEY HOUSE HOMELESS SHELTER                                   208-734-7736

507 Addison

Twin Falls, Idaho



PURPOSE:  Valley House works with a wide range of community services to provide motivated homeless persons the help they need to become self-sufficient, productive citizens, while advocating for policies that reduce homelessness.


SERVICES:   Shelter for single homeless men and women, and families with children.

There are 11 family units; one men’s room with 6 beds;  and 12 beds for single women.  Each unit has a small kitchen.  A pantry with food is available, but all are must be on food stamps.


ELIGIBILITY:  Guests must be seeking employment daily and work with caseworkers to become self-sufficient.  Social Security recipients must be seeking employment and are limited to a 2-month stay.

There is no loitering allowed on premises during the day to encourage people to be active.


Those with a criminal record up to 5 yrs., and sex-offenders are not allowed.


FEES: None




VALLEY VIEW APARTMENTS                    208-788-3883

800 North Second Street

P.O. Box 1107

Hailey, Idaho 83333


PURPOSE: To provide low-income housing.

SERVICES: Sixty units of two-bedroom units for families.

ELIGIBILITY: Must have some kind of income.

FEES: Subsidized for low income. Contact manager for updated rent information.




Twin Falls, Idaho 83301                                              8-5 M-F


AREA SERVED: Eight-county area in southern Idaho.


PURPOSE: To serve income-eligible families with weatherization of homes (including rentals). Serves elerly and handicapped (first priority), then low-income families.


SERVICES: Weatherization, including insulation, window replacement, air infiltration.

ELIGIBILITY: Based on full year income.

FEES: None.

HOW TO APPLY: Call or visit the office.




WOOD HAVEN APARTMENTS                     208-788-3411

P.O. Box 757, 627 Winterhaven Drive       8-5 M-F

Hailey, Idaho 83333


PURPOSE: To provide low-income housing for family and handicapped.


SERVICES: Twenty-four units, children's playground, two- and three-bedroom units only.


ELIGIBILITY: Family only (with children). No senior citizens (over 62) unless handicapped.


FEES: Thirty percent of gross income is rent basis.


HOW TO APPLY: Contact property manager at telephone number indicated above.







Marta Hernandez                                                                208-721-2920                                                                                


Give her the phone number of the caller.

Spanish Court Alcohol School; Group Therapy; Treatment of alcohol and drugs; domestic violence counseling.



Spanish Helpline     972-233-2438




SPANISH HOTLINE                                       314-647-1150








Suite 100                                     9-5 M-F

201 Second Avenue South                         

Hailey, Idaho 83333


PURPOSE: To act as prosecutor in Blaine County court.


SERVICES: Prosecution and investigation for Blaine County.



BLAINE COUNTY SHERIFF                     208-788-5555

P.O. Box 98

First and Walnut

Hailey, Idaho 83333


PURPOSE: To provide law enforcement for Blaine County.


SERVICES: Blaine County jail, driver's license, investigation, public safety, criminal records, child abuse investigation, runaway person investigation.




GUARDIAN AD LITEM PROGRAM                                          208-733-9351

P.O. Box 531                                                                         8-5 M-F

Twin Falls, Idaho 83303-0531


AREA SERVED: Eight Magic Valley counties (Blaine, Camas, Twin Falls, Jerome, Minidoka, Cassia, Lincoln and Gooding counties).


PURPOSE: To provide support to child in court -- "friend" of child or advocate for child in sexual or physical abuse or neglect cases. Guardian Ad Litem would accompany child in court.


SERVICES: County pays child's attorney--supports child in court proceedings. Sexual or physical abuse and neglect cases. Representation of child, provides support in court only. Guardian ad litem may be involved in some independent investigation.


ELIGIBILITY: Any child that has been abused/neglected.


FEES: None--all volunteer.


HOW TO APPLY: Call the telephone number indicated above--court appointed.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Funded by grants and donations.


COMMENTS: Gives a child a friend to get through court proceedings and gives child support. If CO-AD, INC.                                                  800-632-5125

1409 W. Washington                        208-336-5353 (Boise)

Boise, Idaho 83702


910 Yellowstone #203                      208-232-0922

Pocatello, Idaho 83201


PURPOSE: To speak for and advocate the rights of the disabled.


SERVICES: Information on individual rights, referral to appropriate services, intervention when government systems are found inappropriate or ineffective, support for handicapped or family regardless of age, special education, social security assistance, legal assistance. Boise office runs TTY for the hearing impaired.


ELIGIBILITY: Need to fit criteria--must call directly.




IDAHO LEGAL AID                                   208-734-7024  or   866-345-0106

112 Shoshone Street East                                       8:30-5 M-F

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301


AREA SERVED: Blaine, Camas, Lincoln, Minidoka, Twin Falls, and Cassia counties.


PURPOSE: To provide free legal assistance for low-income people without specific area of law. Does not include criminal DUI or traffic offenses, must refer to private attorneys in certain cases. NO FAMILY LAW PROVIDED (see Probono Program).


SERVICES: Non-English speaking translator. Will come to your home or provide a telephone interview. Services for the elderly. References to Human Rights Commission, Insurance Commission, Ombudsman for the Elderly. PROVIDES DIVORCE WORKSHOPS FOR DO-IT-YOURSELF, NO-CONTEST DIVORCES.


ELIGIBILITY: Must meet income guidelines. People already qualifying for public benefits--AFDC, SSI, food stamps will most likely qualify. Also county assistance, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment, utility shutoffs, farm workers.


HOW TO APPLY: Call for an appointment.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Legal Services corporation.



IDAHO SENIORS LEGAL HOTLINE                                               866-345-0106






IMMIGRATION ALLIANCE OF IDAHO                                          208-309-5684


Works to protect the basic human rights of immigrants by engaging in education, outreach, policy reform, and advocacy at local, state, and national levels. 


PURPOSE: Helps immigrants know their rights regarding search warrants and provides legal aid.


SERVICES:  Free confidentioal 24/7 hotline for information, support, and solidarity.





COUNSELOR                                 208-788-3434

P.O. Box 704                              9-5 M-F

Hailey, Idaho 83333                       208-788-9008     

(In judicial building behind old          (after hours)



Private counseling and substance abuse evaluation referrals from Wood River Medical Center.


AREA SERVED: Blaine County.


PURPOSE: Provide adolescent probation services and, through the Wood River Medical Center, private  counseling to adolescents and their families.


SERVICES: Counseling and psychotherapy to individuals and families, specializing in adolescence. Also counseling for alcohol and drug abuse, free counseling for Vietnam-era vets. Probation and Vietnam vet services free. Fees for other services vary. Contact office for further information.



POLICE DEPARTMENTS                        Dial 911


Bellevue Marshall, 115 E. Poplar                   208-788-3692

Blaine County Sheriff, First Ave S., Hailey      208-788-5555

Carey Police Department                             208-823-4303

Hailey Police Department                             208-788-3531

Sun Valley/Elkhorn Police Department           208-622-5345

Ketchum Police Department                         208-726-9333

Stanley Police Department                           208-774-3327




PROBONO PROGRAM OF THE IDAHO BAR                                  800-221-3295

ASSOCIATION                                                            8-5 M-F

P.O. Box 895                                                                          208-342-8959

Boise, Idaho 83701                                                                  (Boise)


AREA SERVED: State of Idaho.


PURPOSE: To assist low-income individuals with emergency legal information in areas which Legal Aid cannot deal such as domestic relations/family law/wills/bankruptcy.


SERVICES: A recording will take caller's number and will return call on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays to provide the names of lawyers in caller's area who volunteer to provide this service.





218 W. Yakima St.

Jerome, ID  83338


After hours referred to state police:     208-736-3060


CONTACT PERSON: Ask for investigator.


AREA SERVED: Ten counties (eight in the Magic Valley as well as Butte and Custer counties).


PURPOSE: Narcotics investigations and enforcement.


SERVICES: Enforcement of narcotic violations concerning manufacture, possession, growing and investigation. Provides anonymity when calling from a small town.



VOLUNTEER LAWYER PROGRAM                              800-221-3295

P.O. Box 895                                                                8-5 M-F

Boise, Idaho 83701




PURPOSE: To assist low-income people with emergency legal information in areas which Legal Aid cannot deal such as domestic relations/family law/wills.


SERVICES:  Application process


FEES: No fee except filing fees for court expenses.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Idaho Bar Association.


COMMENTS: Pro Bono is Latin "for the good" (voluntary).

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