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COMMERCE & LABOR                                                 208-788-3526

141 Citation Way, Suite #7

Hailey, ID 83333

Fax:(208) 788-3041


Megan Beyer, manager

AREA SERVED: Blaine County.


PURPOSE: To assist employers and workers with employment needs. File for unemployment. J.T.P.A. Job Training Partnership Act programs--assist handicapped and low-income people with job training.


SERVICES: Job listings, unemployment insurance, on-the-job training programs, and job training classes (eligible criteria for classes).


ELIGIBILITY: Anyone looking for work or changing occupations.




SOURCE OF FUNDS: State and federal governments.




COMMERCE & LABOR                               

733 No. Main St.,  Ste. C

Bellevue Idaho 83313


AREA SERVED: Blaine County.


PURPOSE: Help people who are economically disadvantaged or who have barriers to employment (handicapped, high school dropouts, etc.) get job training.


SERVICES: Job training through CSI extension or by on-the-job training. Job Service pays the employer to train the person with the hope that the person will be able to stay on the job at the completion of his or her training.


ELIGIBILITY: Must be economically disadvantaged. (Family income for the last six months considered.) For handicapped, only the handicapped person's income for the last six months is considered.


FEES: None.


HOW TO APPLY: Contact Job Service at the telephone number indicated above.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Federal grant-Region IV (Blaine County, Burley, Twin Falls).


484 Eastland Drive South

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301



PURPOSE: A private non-profit agency that provides services to rehabilitate mentally or physically handicapped. Main thrust is to mainstream back into normal jobs. Occasionally works with special education students under age 16 through the schools.


SERVICES: Diagnostic vocational evaluation, short-term training work adjustment, job development and placement, transition job training--may need skills--CSI course--or may need work adjustment program (work stamina, work habits). Also offers extended employment, community-supported employment and psycho-social rehabilitaion.  A sheltered workshop.


ELIGIBILITY: Mentally or physically handicapped, 16 or older, not dangerous to self or others.


FEES: Usually sponsored by Department of Health & Welfare or Vocational Rehab.


HOW TO APPLY: Contact vocational rehab (Twin Falls) or Idaho Department of Health & Welfare, Hailey office, at


COMMENTS: Operates A & E industries employing handicapped. Janitorial, car detailing services, also "main car wash"--automated car wash in Twin Falls, and Budwieser Recycling.




VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION                                       208-736-2156

Department of Health & Welfare


AREA SERVED: Blaine County and Magic Valley.


PURPOSE: To help get individuals with physical and mental impairment get back to employment as soon as possible.


SERVICES: Psychological testing, emotional testing, job development services,retraining programs.


ELIGIBILITY: Disability must prevent individual from prior forms of employment. Physical or mental handicap.


FEES: No charge.


HOW TO APPLY: Contact Voc. Rehab. office in Twin Falls or Health & Welfare office in Bellevue.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: 80% federal, 20% state.









FAMILIES ANONYMOUS                        800-736-9805

P.O. Box 528                                          818-989-7841

Van Nuys, California 91408                   9-4 Pacific Time


AREA SERVED: USA, Mexico, other foreign countries.


PURPOSE: Support group for friends/families of drug abusers--call to find out where nearest

 location is for support group.


SERVICES: Refers callers to nearest support group.


FEES: None.



HOME FREE PROGRAM                                               800-231-2222

Greyhound                                                                208-733-3002

Snake River Chevron

1390 Blue Lakes Blvd.

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301


PURPOSE: To provide free transportation home for runaways.


SERVICES: Free transportation home to teenagers 12 to 21 years.


ELIGIBILITY: A documented runaway. Must have a caseworker number and be brought in by an officer of the court or police officer.


FEES: Free.             





7025 Emerald Street, 2nd Floor            Fax/208-377-2819

P.O. Box 8538                                                          208-375-6923

Boise, Idaho 83707













ADVOCATES ATTIC VOUCHERS                                        788-6070

12-A Carbonate St.

Hailey, Idaho 83333


Clothing vouchers from the Attic in Hailey.  Each client is eligible for up to $25 per month for her entire family in vouchers.  If the situation necessitates more need than the $25, advocates can use their discretion to increase the amount on a case by case basis.




ADVOCATES FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE                            788-6070 or 788-4191



PURPOSE: To provide financial assistance. Available to clients for necessities such as medical bills, prescriptions, household expenses, car expenses, apartment application fees, etc.  Each client has up to $50 per fiscal year.  Available only to clients of the Advocates. 


Food boxes are available to all clients with no limit how many.  Amount based on family size.  Case management is provided for those with long-term needs.





ADC/FOOD STAMPS                          


823 Harrison Street, Twin Falls (208) 736-2177)       208-734-4000 (after hours)

                                                                         208-732-1631 (Child Protective Services –

                                                                          Melody Kerner – 208-732-1633)


Services are no longer available in Bellevue.  A children’s caseworker, Melody Kerner

will come to Blaine County as needed.


PURPOSE: To provide direct tangible help to those persons who qualify.

Area served:  Blaine, Camas, and Lincoln Co.


SERVICES: Monthly cash grant is given to those who qualify--must have children and be economically disadvantaged. May also request food stamps to purchase food items for family.


ELIGIBILITY: Application, poverty level. Everyone in the household must apply.


FEES: None.


HOW TO APPLY: Call above phone numbers


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Takes maximum 30 days to get food stamps upon completion of application.

BLAINE COUNTY ASSISTANCE (Blaine County)         208-788-5566

219 First Ave. So. Ste 201                                                   8-6 M-Th

Hailey, Idaho 83333


PURPOSE: To cover a wide area of services to county residents in need; i.e., hospitalization, rent, utilities.  They work with the Salvation Army, Federal Emergency Program, Project Share and assist with applications for winterization.  Funds from the Salvation Army are available all year to assist with medication, motel rooms, utilities, bus passes, etc. in emergency situations.

Utilities, 1 night motel shelter


ELIGIBILITY: Application for assistance must be on form provided by County Services at above address.


FEES: None.


APPLY: Make application on required form.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Blaine County taxes.



SOUTH CENTRAL COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY                   800-627-1733

P.O. Box 531                                                

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301                                    


AREA SERVED: Twin Falls, Ketchum, Hailey, Jerome, Burley (Reg.4)


PURPOSE: Financial assistance to income-eligible households for heating costs.


SERVICES: One-time benefit amount each winter season (Nov-Mar). Also: Headstart Program, Weatherization Program, Guardian Ad Litem, medical referrals.


ELIGIBILITY: Low income.


FEES: Sliding scale.



CRIME VICTIM’S COMPENSATION                  208-334-6080

                                                                   or 800-296-2588  ext. 6080


PURPOSE:   The Crime Victim’s Compensation program gives victims access to financial assistance to assist them in their recovery.


ELIGIBILITY:  The application must be filed by the victim, spouse, or dependents of the deceased victim.  The crime must have been committed after July 1, 1986.  The victim must have been reported to law enforcement within 72 hours of the crime or show good cause as to why not.  The victim’s own misconduct may not have caused or contributed to the injury.  A victim of sexual assault must have an exam performed by an authorized official and must complete the sexual assault reimbursement form.

All other resources must pay first (i.e. insurance, workers compensation).  The claim must be filed within one year of the incident.


Maximum compensation after other sources have been used is $25,000.



 FEDERAL GRANT PROGRAM                    208-788-5566

219 1st Ave. S.  Ste. 2109                                     M-Th, 8 – 6:00

Blaine County Annex Building, upstairs

Hailey, Idaho 83333


AREA SERVED: Blaine County           Utilities, 1 night motel shelter


PURPOSE: To provide rent, mortgage, utilities for low-income households which are one month behind in payments or 1 month past due.


SERVICES: Pays rent, mortgage, utilities, food for those one month in arrears, dependent on availability of grant money.


ELIGIBILITY: Call office.






EMERGENCY MEDICAL ASSISTANCE              208-788-5566

Blaine Co. Services

219 1st Ave. S.  Ste. 2109

Blaine Co. Annex Building, upstairs

Hailey, Idaho 83333


PURPOSE: To provide limited financial assistance for medical expenses to income-eligible households in an emergency situation.


SERVICES: Maximum benefit of $25.00 per person each year.


ELIGIBILITY: 100% of poverty. Intent to stay in Blaine County.





FOOD STAMPS/ SELF RELIANCE PROGRAM              877-456-1233 – Food Stamps, Twin Falls

823 Harrison Street, Twin Falls (208) 736-2177)               208-734-4000 (after hours)


AREA SERVED: Blaine County.


SERVICES: Food Stamps which increase the food purchasing power of a household and therefore raise its nutritional level.


ELIGIBILITY: Application, poverty level. Everyone in the household must apply.


HOW TO APPLY: Go to office in Twin Falls.  Takes maximum 30 days to obtain food stamps after completing application.

THE GOLD MINE                              208-726-3465

Walnut Avenue                                          Tues-Sat 11-5

Ketchum, Idaho 83340


PURPOSE: Provide clothing, household items at low cost.


SERVICES: Used clothing, household goods, sporting equipment, books.


FEES: Varies depending on items selected.




HUNGER COALITION                                  208-788-0121 

121 Honeysuckle Street

 Bellevue, Idaho 83313


PURPOSE:  Anyone who is hungry can get a punch card by calling the Hunger Coalition.  After an initial intake/screening, individuals are given a punch card with four punches.  They are not eligible to receive another card for two months from the date of the initial card unless they are eligible following a case management appointment.  For each punch they are given a box of food based on family size that will provide food for several days.


Mobile Food Bank - Providing wholesome, nutritious foods to the hungry in our community on a weekly basis year-round. 

Backpack Club - Sending children home from school on the weekends with easy-to-prepare, healthy foods to supplement insufficient daily nutritional needs.

Summer Food Program - Serving free meals to children under 18 during the summertime.

Infant Formula Initiative - Providing critical supplemental nutrition to infants in need.


Client Empowerment Services:   Through individual meetings with clients in a private and secure setting, they can address the individual needs and circumstances unique to each person. Clients receive a Food Bank Punch Card that entitles them to a pre-determined quantity of food every week.

Clients may attend any Food Bank location, but are limited to one per week.


Clients continue to meet with our staff while receiving food assistance in an effort to set personal goals, establish functional family budgets, introduce educational and employment opportunities, and provide the necessary support and guidance.


Area Served:  Blaine County


MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION                                            726-5349

St. Thomas Episcopal Church


PURPOSE:      To provide financial assistance.  It is managed by St. Luke’s Center for Community Health and the Advocates. 


SERVICES:  Assistance is available to anyone in need of help with gas cards, household bills, medical bills, prescriptions, and apartment application fees.  Up to $50 is available per calendar year.


ELIGIBILITY:  Contact THE Advocates or St. Luke’s Center for an application.

SOUTH CENTRAL HEALTH DISTRICT                  208-788-4335

(Family Planning Clinic)                                     8-5 M-F

117 Ash St.

Bellevue, Idaho 83313


AREA SERVED: Blaine County.


PURPOSE: Physical health, environmental health.  NOTE: Pro-Choice, confidential (all ages).


SERVICES: WIC immunizations, home nursing services for well babies; high-risk infants, pregnancy information, AIDS testing, pro-choice family planning clinic (pregnancy testing, birth control counseling, CRISIS PREGNANCY COUNSELING.  Family planning, improved pregnancy program, sexually transmitted disease clinic, AIDS screening, immunizations, school nursing-woman, infant-children nutrition program, prenatal care for low-income pregnant women.


ELIGIBILITY: Some programs require income eligibility or doctor referral. The family planning clinic is open to anyone. Costs vary and services are provided on a sliding scale.




 P.O. Box 98                              

Hailey, Idaho 83333   (Ketchum Police, Blaine County Sheriff) 208-788-5555 (24 hours)


PURPOSE: To provide emergency assistance for those in distress in Blaine County.


SERVICES: One-time only financial assistance for those without resources. Financial assistance for medication, food and propane. Twin Falls Salvation Army has place for people to stay and will feed them on longer term than in Wood River Valley. Transportation can usually be arranged via sheriff or police department.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Buckets put in stores locally and a percentage of donations which are spread nationwide.



SNOW MOUNTAIN APARTMENTS                  208-788-2395

2011 Woodside                                                   208-322-7055

Hailey, Idaho 83333

AREA SERVED: Blaine County.


PURPOSE: To provide low-income housing to adults 18 yrs. & older and families.


SERVICES: Two and three-bedroom townhouses, community room.


ELIGIBILITY: Low income, credit checks. Application made at complex. Probable waiting list. Rent based on 30% of gross income.





ST. LUKE'S CENTER FOR COMMUNITY HEALTH            208-727-8733

1450 Aviation Drive, Suite 200                                      Mon.-Fri. hrs: 9:00 – 5:00

Hailey, ID                                                      


SERVICES: Food, shelter, bus passes and gas for the needy. Emergency lodging. No cash provided.

  • Health promotion and education

  • Information and Referral

  • Support Groups

  • YAK! – (Youth Adult Konnections!)

  • Childbirth and Parenting Education

  • Emergency Services

  • Servicios en Español

  • Community Action and Development


St. Luke’s Emergency Services :
Non-perishable food, financial, and mental health referrals and assistance.  The Center also co-administers the Ketchum-Sun Valley Ministers’ Association Fund.  This is an emergency fund that can be used to assist payment of rent, medication, counseling, medical care, lodging, etc. 


ELIBILITY:  Clients must go to St. Luke’s Center in person to meet with a caseworker.



SUMMIT APARTMENTS                         208-788-2134

155 West Galena, P.O. Box 1716            8-5 M-F

Hailey, Idaho 83333


AREA SERVED: Wood River Valley.


PURPOSE: To provide low-income housing to the handicapped but self-sufficient and the elderly.


SERVICES: One-bedroom housing with recreation room, caretaker, emergency cords, laundry room (20 units).


ELIGIBILITY: Minimum age of 62.

FEES: Based on 30% of gross income.


HOW TO APPLY: Call property manager at the telephone number indicated above.





SERVICE:   The Advocates can pay for transportation or we can request that the Ministerial Association help us:  A-1 Taxi 726-2650;  Bald Mountain Taxi  726-2650;  Sun Valley Express to Boise  1-800-634-6539  $49.00 each way.  Bus passes are also available through the Advocates for their clients.  These are provided by Mountain Rides at no charge.



VALLEY VIEW APARTMENTS                    208-788-3883

800 North Second Ave. North

P.O. Box 1107

Hailey, Idaho 83333

Contact:  Lori Burtsche


PURPOSE: To provide low-income housing.


SERVICES: Sixty units of two-bedroom units for families.


ELIGIBILITY: Must have some kind of income.


FEES: Subsidized for low income. Contact manager for updated rent information.  Applications outside office door.





550 Washington St. So.                                8-5 M-F

Twin Falls, Idaho 83303


AREA SERVED: Eight-county area in southern Idaho.


PURPOSE: To serve income-eligible families with weatherization of homes (including rentals). Serves elderly and handicapped (first priority), then low-income families.


SERVICES: Weatherization, including insulation, window replacement, air infiltration.


ELIGIBILITY: Based on full year income.


FEES: None.


HOW TO APPLY: Call or visit the office.



WOOD HAVEN APARTMENTS                     208-788-3411

P.O. Box 757, 627 Winterhaven Drive       8-5 M-F

Hailey, Idaho 83333


PURPOSE: To provide low-income housing for family and handicapped.


SERVICES: Twenty-four units, children's playground, two- and three-bedroom units only.


ELIGIBILITY: Family only (with children). No senior citizens (over 62) unless handicapped.


FEES: Thirty percent of gross income is rent basis.


HOW TO APPLY: Contact property manager at telephone number indicated above

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