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ADVOCATES FOR SURVIVORS OF                    208-788-4191 (Office)

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE & SEXUAL ASSAULT         208-788-6070 (24 hours)

P.O. Box 3216                                                 1-888-676-0066  (24 hours)

Hailey, Idaho 83333


SERVICES: 24-hour hotline; emotional support; counseling referrals; group counseling; emergency safe housing; referrals re financial, legal medical aid; court advocacy; sexual assault team response.



NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE       800-799-7233  (24 hours)


PURPOSE: To assist battered women, friends and family.


SERVICES: Advocates to provide supportive counseling, information on shelters in area, and some technical assistance.



BLAINE COUNTY SHERIFF                       208-788-5555

210 – 1st Ave. So

First and Walnut

Hailey, Idaho 83333


PURPOSE: To provide law enforcement services for Blaine County.


SERVICES: Blaine County jail; driver's license; investigation; public safety; criminal records; child abuse investigation; runaway person investigation.



CENTER FOR NEW DIRECTIONS                   800-680-0274

College of Southern Idaho                                           #6680

P.O. Box 1328

Twin Falls Idaho 83303



PURPOSE:  Career Counseling Center.




SOURCE OF FUNDS: Federal, state and local grants.





OF HEALTH & WELFARE                                                     8-12 M-W-Thu; 8-5 T

823 Harrison Street, Twin Falls (208) 736-2177)       208-734-4000 (after hours)

                                                                         208-732-1631 (Child Protective Services –

                                                                          Melody Kerner – 208-732-1633)


CHILDREN’S WELFARE SCREENING:  Call the main office or call the screener, Melody Kerner

at 732-1633.  She will come to Blaine County for home and school visits and to do screening at CSI.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: State of Idaho.


COMMENTS: Local service is limited.  Twin Falls office full time.


AREA SERVED: Blaine County & Camas County


PURPOSE: To provide services that enable individuals, families, and children to restore, maintain, and enhance their capabilities of self-support, self-care, independent living, and strengthening family life.


SERVICES: Child abuse investigation, sexual abuse investigation, adult services information and referral counseling, psychotherapy, and day care licensing.


FEES: None for most services. Mental health services fee is based on income.




CHILD HELP                                800-422-4453

Hollywood, California                     (24 hours)




PURPOSE: To provide counseling on child abuse. Counselors with M.A. or above provide counseling information and referrals to appropriate resources back in caller's community. Crisis counseling.





& VICTIM ASSISTANCE              

304 N 8th St, Ste 140

Boise, ID  83702

PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0036
(208) 332-1540


AREA SERVED: State of Idaho.


PURPOSE:  Administer Federal and State assistance for crime victims, assistance programs, batterer assistance, public awareness & education, advocate for crime victims, and legislation.


SERVICES: Funding local programs, state-wide networking, educational materials, training programs.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Federal government, State of Idaho.



GUARDIAN AD LITEM PROGRAM                 208-324-6890

P.O. Box 531                             

Twin Falls, Idaho 83303


AREA SERVED: Eight Magic Valley counties (Blaine, Camas, Twin Falls, Jerome, Minidoka, Cassia, Lincoln, and Gooding).


PURPOSE: Provide support to child in court--"friend" of child or advocate for child in sexual or physical abuse or neglect cases. Guardian Ad Litem would accompany child in court.


SERVICES: County pays child's attorney--supports child in court proceedings. Sexual or physical abuse and neglect cases. Representation of child, provides support in court only. Guardian Ad Litem may be involved in some independent investigation.


ELIGIBILITY: Any child that has been abused/neglected.


FEES: None--all volunteer services.


HOW TO APPLY: Call 733-9351/court appointed.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Funded by grants and donations.


COMMENTS: Gives child a friend to get through court proceedings and gives child support. If home is needed for abused child, contact Volunteers Against Violence, 733-0100, or Advocates for Survivors of Domestic Violence (Hailey), 788-6070.



IDAHO CARELINE                                                                           211 OR 800-926-2588


Resources and referrals                                               



MALE RAPE                                                                             


SERVICES: Online support group for male victims of rape.  Referrals to a therapist/professional for healing and restoration of boys and men from sexual abuse/rape.





NCADV                                                                       Hotline:  800-799-7233

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Main Office                                                              (24 hours)

PO Box 18749

Denver, CO  80218

PURPOSE: Serves as clearinghouse of information about domestic violence, networks shelters and programs for battered women and their children.


SERVICES: NCADV operates the only national toll-free domestic violence hotline. Offering support and information about resources in your area.





ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES                                         208-343-3688

YWCA                                                                              Ext.19            

720 W. Washington

Boise, Idaho  83702


HOTLINES:   Domestic Volence                                       208-343-7025

                        Rape Crisis                                                   208-343-7273


PURPOSE: To assist women in crisis.


SERVICES: Provides 2 crisis hotlines, 3 emergency overnight shelters, and 2 transition homes.  Shelter and transitional home – 90 day program eligibility is determined following an assessment both by telephone and an in-person interview.





PO Box 2444                                                   208-733-0100  (24 hrs)

1300 Kimberly Rd, C4                                        208-733-5054 (1-5 M-F)

Twin Falls, ID  83301



PURPOSE:  Spouse abuse, child abuse, rape.


SERVICES: 24-hour crisis line, shelter, food, clothing, counseling, legal aid, help in relocation to women and their children. Will also "refer" battered men to someone who can help with shelter and counseling if caller calls during business hours 1-5 p.m. M-F.


ELIGIBILITY: Women who are abused and afraid for their physical well-being. No other options available. Physically and psychologically capable of caring for herself and her children. Not intoxicated or displaying drug abuse behavior. No male children over 12 years of age accompanying her.



SHELTER AID PROGRAM                                                    800-333-SAFE

NATIONAL HOTLINE FOR WOMEN                                  800-873-6333

                                                                             (for hearing impaired)

PURPOSE: To assist battered women.





CENTER FOR NEW DIRECTIONS                         800-680-0274

College of Southern Idaho                                           #6680

P.O. Box 1328

Twin Falls Idaho 83303



PURPOSE:  Career Counseling Center.




SOURCE OF FUNDS: Federal, state and local grants.



COLLEGE OF SOUTHERN IDAHO                            208-733-9554

COMMUNITY EDUCATION                                     208-788-2033



CONTINUING EDUCATION OF ADULTS            208-236-4545

Idaho State University

P.O. Box 8062

Pocatello, Idaho 83209


SERVICES: Idaho State University Office of Continuing Education.


ELIGIBILITY: Open to anyone. Continuing education classes are held in the evening hours.


FEES: Vary. Call for current fee schedules.





Bellevue Elementary, K-5                             208-578-5080

Community Education/CSI                           208-788-2033

District #61 Superintendent                          208-578-5000

Hailey Elementary, K-5                                208-788-3091

Hemingway Elementary, K-5                        208-578-5050

Ketchum/Sun Valley Community School         208-622-3955

Wood River High School                    208-578-5020

Wood River Middle School                           208-578-5030

District #61 Special Services                        208-578-5000



SUN VALLEY CENTER FOR THE ARTS            208-726-9491


PURPOSE: Provides classes, workshops, performing arts events.

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