800 Numbers (All Subjects)





ALZHEIMER'S ASSOCIATION                   800-272-3900

National toll-free information

and referral service.



AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY                   800-227-2345


AREA SERVED: State of Idaho.              (Boise)


PURPOSE: Information on different types of cancer treatment.



AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION             800-232-3472

1528 Vista Avenue                         208-342-2774

Boise, Idaho 83705                        (Boise)


SERVICES: Information clearing house, support group information.




                                                                                       (24 hours)

Pocatello, Idaho 83201


AREA SERVED: Radius 180 miles of Pocatello as crow flies--includes Sun Valley, Ketchum, Hailey, Mammoth, Yellowstone National Park.


PURPOSE: Emergency medical service, handles all types of trauma. Fly with advanced life support: pacemakers, respirators. Neurosurgeon on staff.


SERVICES: Two flight nurses respond for emergency transport; mobile intensive care unit. Staffed with R.N. and paramedic when responding to scene of auto accident. Staffed according to patient's needs, including M.D. when indicated. Response time 5 minutes to lift-off. Flies with advanced life support.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Run by hospital.



CANYON VIEW HOSPITAL                      800-657-8000

228 Shoup Avenue West                     208-734-6760

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301


PURPOSE: Treatment center for alcoholism and chemical dependency. Staff available for intervention 24 hours a day, seven days per week.


SERVICES: Adolescent care, psychiatric, chemical dependency, sexual abuse, eating disorders, adult, elderly.


TELEHELP CHILD ABUSE HOTLINE               800-422-4453

Hollywood, California                     (24 hours)




PURPOSE: To provide counseling on child abuse. Counselors with M.A. or above provide counseling, information, and referrals to appropriate resources in caller's community. Crisis counseling.



CO-AD, INC.                               800-632-5125

4477 Emerald St.                                                866-262-3462

Ste. B 100                                       208-336-5353

Boise, Idaho 83706                        (Boise)


910 Yellowstone #203                      208-232-0922

Pocatello, Idaho 83201                    8-5 M-F


PURPOSE: To promote and advocate and protect people with disabilities.


SERVICES: Protection and advocacy for developmentally disabled, mentally ill, individual rights, assistive technology, beneficiaries for soc. security, traumatic brain injury, and voting accessibility, and a client assisted program.


ELIGIBILITY: Must call directly and talk to office.               FEES:  None



CRISIS CENTER OF MAGIC VALLEY                          800-882-3236



PHOENIX HOUSE                                                                             800-262-2463


AREA SERVED: National.                www.phoenixhouse.org


PURPOSE: National treatment and referral and information service. Will assist anyone with a drug problem.


SERVICES: Provide eligibility interview to determine to those in need.  Will refer caller to treatment center in his/her area. Will refer caller to support groups.


ELIGIBILITY: In person to determine eligiblity.


FEES: If caller has no money, the hotline can refer him/her to a treatment center in caller's area which will take him/her.



COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY                   800-627-1733

P.O. Box 531                              208-733-9351

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301                   8-5 M-F


AREA SERVED: Twin Falls, Blaine County


PURPOSE: Provider of emergency services to low income people and energy assistance.


ELIGIBILITY: Low income.                        FEES: none



DRUG HOTLINES                             800-262-2463 Phoenix House

                                          800-524-7277 Marijuana


EXECUTIVE: State Department of Law Enforcement.


AREA SERVED: State of Idaho.


PURPOSE: Sponsored by the Psychiatric Institutes of America.


SERVICES: Treatment and support group referrals in local area provided.



IDAHO ENERGY HOTLINE                                          800-334-7283

Boise, Idaho                                               8-5 M-F


AREA SERVED: State of Idaho.


SERVICES: Information, provision of pamphlets on energy conservation. Technical assistance. Some low-interest loans for energy conservation.










FACTS OF LIFE LINE                        800-342-7890 (24 hrs)


                                          (24 hours, ADA Co.)


EXECUTIVE: Planned Parenthood of Idaho--for more information about the line and its topics call Planned Parenthood at 208-345-0760.


PURPOSE: Provide a 24-hour, toll-free phone number to provide confidential information to answer questions concerning the sexual health of individuals and families.


SERVICES: A recording answers the calls and asks the caller to pick a subject from a library of more than 100 tapes. Callers never have to identify themselves. Tapes last 2-4 minutes.


FEES: The calls are toll-free, but the caller must have a touch-tone telephone to select a tape.





REFERRAL (F.A.I.R.)                       (Recording)

VEPCO Office Building

P.O. Box 389

Camden-Wyoming, Delaware 19934


AREA SERVED: Nationwide.


PURPOSE: Assist non-custodial divorced fathers with "visitation interference" problems (not allowed to see children they have a legal right to see), custody, support and visitation problems.


SERVICES: Will mail an informational packet to caller.



HIGHWAY EMERGENCY IN IDAHO                800-233-1212

REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver          208-334-2900

Immediately)                              (Office)


PURPOSE: To assist in major accidents, highway emergencies and to take reports of drunk drivers.



IDAHO DRUG INFORMATION CENTER             800-334-7139


PURPOSE: To provide information on all kinds of drugs; including side effects. No drug abuse referrals or poison control information.





INTERMOUNTAIN HOSPITAL                    800-321-5984 (24 hrs)

303 N. Allumbaugh                         208-337-8400 (Office)

Boise, Idaho 83704


PURPOSE: Mental health services, including depression.


SERVICES: Free problem assessment/counseling and referral contact.




MARIJUANA HOTLINE                         800-524-7277



Regional office/Twin Falls                208-734-6807


EXECUTIVE: State Department of Law Enforcement.


PURPOSE: Sponsored by the Psychiatric Institutes of America.


SERVICES: Treatment and support group referrals in caller's area.



MISSING CHILDREN'S HOTLINE                800-843-5678

1835 K Street, N.W., Suite 700            9-5:30 M-F (EST)

Washington, D.C. 20006

Hotline staffed Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m.; Saturday 10-6


AREA SERVED: U.S.A. and Canada.


PURPOSE: National clearinghouse for missing/and or exploited children.


SERVICES: Reports missing and/or exploited children to proper agencies. Assists parents in organizing search. Works with local agencies.


ELIGIBILITY: Individual reporting missing child must have legal custody of that child.


FEES: None.




SOURCE OF FUNDS: Private, non-profit.



NATIONAL AIDS HOTLINE                     800-342-2437 (24 hrs)




NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE                 800-422-6237

9000 Rockville Pike                       (Recording gives menu:

Bethesda, Maryland 80892        


Dial 1 to talk to someone about a  specific question.   Dial 2 to request free publications.)


PURPOSE: To provide information on cancer.          FEES: None.


SERVICES: Answers caller's questions directly, or caller can order publications for information.




VIOLENCE                                  9-5 M-F (EST)

P.O. Box 15127                                 

Washington, D.C. 20003-0127




PURPOSE: Serves as clearinghouse of information about domestic violence, networks shelters and programs for battered women and their children.


SERVICES: NCADV operates the only national toll-free domestic violence hotline. 1-800-333-SAFE is a 24-hour lifeline offering support and information about resources in caller's area.



NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF JUSTICE             301-251-5500

P.O. Box 6000                             8:30-8 M-F (EST)

Rockville, Maryland 20850


PURPOSE: Center for criminal justice information; does research and will provide training materials upon request; resource information and domestic violence, rape, etc. Will send publications upon request.


SERVICES: Nat'l Criminal Justice Reference Service: 800-851-3420

          Justice Statistics Clearing House: 800-732-3277

          Juvenile Justice Clearing House: 800-638-8736








PMS ACCESS (Private)                      800-222-4PMS



PURPOSE: To provide informational newsletter six times per year.

Physician referral and answer questions.


SERVICES: For $9.95 will send Physician Referral List for anywhere in the U.S.A. Also sends PMS information with list.



POISON CONTROL                            800-632-8000 (24 hrs)

St. Alphonsus Hospital

State Communication Center

Boise, Idaho

Volunteer Power

8,760 Hours of Volunteer Time each year (x 2 lines) is devoted to the overall health and welfare of callers.  This is a value of over $350,400.00 invested in our community

Email: info@crisishotlineidaho.org

Phone: 208-788-0735

Registered Charity: 82-0407349

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