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HOPELINE Telephone support

Here is a list of HOPELINE hotlines in the US

  • SUICIDE:  (800)442-4673 .....1-800-442-HOPE -- same routing as 1-800-SUICIDE

  • VETERANS/PTSD: (877)838-2838 .....1-877-Vet2Vet Veterans peer support line

  • SPANISH SPEAKING:  (800)784-2432 .....1-800-SUICIDA Spanish speaking suicide hotline

  • TEEN HOTLINE:  (877)968-8454 .....1-877-YOUTHLINE teen to teen peer counseling hotline

  • GRAD STUDENT HOTLINE:  (800)472-3457 .....1-800-GRADHLP Grad student hotline

  • NATIONAL PERINATAL HOTLINE:  (800)773-6667...... Postpartum depression hotline

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