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ANIMAL CONTROL                           


Paul Ramm: 208-578-3377 ext. 1056


SERVICES:  Complaints, barking, biting dogs, loose dogs, trap and remove wild animals.



MOUNTAIN HUMANE OF THE WOOD RIVER VALLEY                208-788-4351

100 Croy Creek Road              

P.O. Box 1496

Hailey, Idaho 83333


Non-profit for humane treatment and care of animals in Blaine County. Pound service to cities for abandoned or stray animals. Relocates animals to new homes.







ADVOCATES ATTIC VOUCHERS                                        208-788-6070

12-A Carbonate St.

Hailey, Idaho 83333


Clothing vouchers from the Attic in Hailey.  Each client is eligible for up to $25 per month for her entire family in vouchers.  If the situation necessitates more need than the $25, advocates can use their discretion to increase the amount on a case by case basis.


EPISCOPAL THRIFT SHOP                                                 208-788-3322


Provide clothing for the needy in Blaine County



ST. LUKE’S CENTER FOR COMMUNITY HEALTH             208-727-8733

1450 Aviation Drive, Suite 200

Hailey, Idaho 83333                      


                 BILINGUAL STAFF AVAILABLE                                        


PURPOSE: To improve the health of the people in our region.


SERVICES: Resource library, information and referral for local individuals and agencies use, health education, parenting classes and support groups, emergency clothing, food, and supplies are available daily.






CONSUMER PROTECTION UNIT                208-334-2424

650 West State Street                     

Boise, Idaho 83720


PURPOSE:  To help people get help with consumer problems such as poor-quality merchandise, price switching, etc.



CONSUMER CREDIT MANAGEMENT SERVICES                                     208-733-2227

800 Falls Avenue, Suite 11              

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301  


Provides debt management.  Free counseling. Small fee for set up and monthly maintenance fee



GOVERNMENT OFFICES                       


Bellevue City Hall                        208-788-2128

County Clerk (Recorder’s Office)   208-788-5505

County Commissioners                208-788-5500

Hailey City Hall                           208-788-4221

Ketchum City Hall                       208-726-3841

Sun Valley City Hall                     208-622-4438




P.O. Box 100                             

Hailey, Idaho 83333


Two physical locations: 513 Main Street and the Community Campus #518


PURPOSE:  To promote business in the Hailey area; to market existing businesses and services.


SERVICES:  Visitor information,organizing city and tourist-oriented events; i.e., Springfest, 4th of July Parade & Barbecue, Rocky Mountain Folk Festival, Trailing of the Sheep Festival, etc.



MOUNTAIN RIDES BUS                                                            788-7433


Schedules, Maps, and Rider Info website:

Mountain Rides provides a wide array of transportation options to help you get around Blaine County. We’re not just buses— we’ve got vanpool, rideshare, bike, and pedestrian programs to help you help the environment (and you’re wallet).

Ketchum/Sun Valley Town Bus  - Our FREE town bus serves Ketchum and Sun Valley, with six dedicated routes operating 365 days a year.

Hailey Town Bus - Our new FREE town bus serves serves major community access points in Hailey, operating Monday through Friday from 7:00AM to 10:55AM and from 2:00PM to 6:55 PM.

Valley Bus  - Serving Bellevue, Hailey, Ketchum and Sun Valley, the Valley Bus is the most economical way to get around the Valley. One way fares are $3, with steep discounts available on monthly and seasonal passes. Take your bike on the bus and save even more, you’ll only need to pay one way.

Vanpool - Commuting from Shoshone, Jerome, or Twin Falls will put 42,000 miles on your car a year— at a cost of $1 a mile.  Yikes. Save money by joining one of our vanpools and you’ll pay as little as $120 a month. Not only will you have more cash in your pocket, but our comfy vans will help you catch up on your beauty sleep on the way to work. 

ADA - Mountain Rides provides door to door van service within Ketchum and Sun Valley for residents who qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act

Special Services                                                                726-7576


Schedules, Maps, and Rider Info website:





P.O. Box 2420                            

Sun Valley, Idaho 83353


PURPOSE:  To promote business in Ketchum/Sun Valley area; to market existing businesses and services.


SERVICES:  Visitor information, organizing city and tourist-oriented events; i.e., Winterfest, Wagon Days, etc.





Idaho Power                                            800-488-6151

Intermountain Gas Company                     208-788-3489

Ketchum Sewer and Water Department      208-726-7825

Sun Valley/Elkhorn Water/Sewer District     208-622-7610







BEREAVEMENT GROUP OF THE HOSPICE                                   208-726-8464

507 First Avenue North

P.O. Box 4320

Ketchum, Idaho 83340


SERVICES: Bereavement group meets in the evening for 8 to 10 weeks. Groups formed several times per year.


ELIGIBILITY: Any person having suffered the death of a family member or significant friend. Also a wellness group giving education and support for people living with illness.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Private donations.



BLAINE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT #61                   208-578-5000


SERVICES: Special psychological services (788-4928). Provides testing for students with learning disabilities. Social work may be reached at 788-4928.


HOW TO APPLY: Referral by teacher/principal.



CANYON VIEW HOSPITAL BEHAVIORAL HEALTH                     800-657-8000


228 Shoup Avenue West

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301


PURPOSE: Treatment center for alcoholism and chemical dependency. Staff available for intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.


SERVICES: Adolescent care, psychiatric, chemical dependency, sexual abuse, eating disorders, adult, elderly.


CHILD ABUSE PROGRAM/IDAHO DEPARTMENT         208-734-4000 (after hours)  

OF HEALTH AND WELFARE                    

823 Harrison Street, Twin Falls          Child Mental Health – Lee Wison– 208-732-1631                                                               Children’s Protective Services Melody Kerner – 208-732-1633



AREA SERVED: Blaine County.


PURPOSE: To provide services directed to enable individuals, families, and children to restore, maintain, and enhance their capabilities of self-support, self-care, independent living, and strengthening family life.


SERVICES: Child abuse investigation, sexual abuse investigation, adult services information as well as referral counseling and psychotherapy. Treatment for sexual abuse, physical abuse and youth rehabilitation.


FEES: None for most services; based on income for other services.



CHILD HELP                                                     800-422-4453 (24 Hollywood, California           



PURPOSE: To provide counseling on child abuse. Counselors with M.A. or above provide counseling, information and referrals to appropriate resources back in caller's community. Crisis counseling.



CODEPENDENTS ANONYMOUS                          208-726-4650 or

The Sun Club                                                      208-726-7710

571 2nd Street East

P.O. Box 1982

Ketchum, Idaho 83340


PURPOSE: A support group for those from dysfunctional family histories. A 12-Step Program.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Pass the hat at meetings.






St. Luke’s Mental Health Services                   208-727-8970        Dr. Susanne Choby,              Psychiatrist available

St. Luke’s Clinic, Hailey, Suite 202



Melissa A. Boley, LCPC                                           208-726-7584 (o) 

Trauma psychologist, EMDR, Specializes in somatic experiencing.  Has 30 years experience in domestic violence, rape counseling, adult survivor and child sexual abuse, codependency and women’s issues.


Jason Beard                                                             208-733-7186  or 208-308-3601          

Suicide /Depression/Family   Speaks Spanish/Takes St. Luke’s Center Vouchers

Office is in Twin Falls.


Steve Bezdeca, LCPC                                              208-233-3456

Domestic Violence Treatment, parenting.  Adults and teens, couples and families.


Lisa Day, Ph.D.                                                        208-720-9342 (c     726-6499(o

Adult/Teen counseling; specializes in teen depression and addictive behavior; suicide


Diane Crist                                                                208-720- 6652

 M.A., Counseling/psychology.  Individuals and families bipolar, eating disorders, family violence, substance abuse, depression, relationship issues of couples and families with 


Ben Crumpe                                                             208-788-5625 (o)                                                        Substance abuse, couples counseling, individuals.  


Greg Greenfield                                           208-788-3078 or 208-308-7977

Counselor/Substance Abuse/ Anger Management/Drug & Alcohol Assessment. (Also provides State Funded Treatment when available)


Health & Welfare                                                    208-734-4000

Low Income assistance for counseling.


Rosemary Kells                                                       208-928-7181 (o)    206-412-6655 (c

M.A., LPC, Pschotherapist, Womens issues, interpersonal issues, relationship issues, family issues, divorce & separation, anxiety & depression, career issues, mid-life transitions and family of origin issues. She runs a  closed women's group  for anxiety and depression. 

Nancy Kneeland                                                      208-720-0044 (c)  726-0088 (o)

Substance Abuse/Suicide/Depression

Office in Ketchum.  First consultation is free.



Terri James                                                              208-788-5625 (o)                                           Adolescents, substance abuse, family counseling, codependency.  Adults, marriage/relationship, family/parenting.



Tammi  Kammer                                                                              208-578-1333 (o)

M.A., Marriage, family treatment, child and  adolescent,

individual and relationship.  Speaks fluent Spanish.

Eryn Michaud, M.A.LPC                                         208-720-6831                                                         Family and Youth Counseling.         400 S. Main St., Ste. 302A, Hailey


Robert Payne, M.S.S.W., L.C.S.W            208-788-5121

Depression, Suicide, individual.  Will answer phone questions.  Sliding scale fee.


Janice Payne  MSSW., LCSW                         208-788-3130

Adolescents and Adult Counseling



Robbie Sawyer                                                        208-788-4611 (o)   720-1787 (c)

                         Licensed marriage/family therapist, child counselor.  Eating disorders, drug/alcohol problems and after treatment), depression, parenting.



Martha Hernandez                                                 208-721-2920 or 726-8372

Spanish Court Alcohol School.  Treatment of alcohol and drugs./Support Group Meetings every

week/Helps Hispanics find work or start a business.


Carrie Scott Thomas                                              208-721-0531        

Part of Wood River Counseling Center,        Child and family therapy.  Hailey


Ellen Tracy, RN, LMFT                                   208-720-7868 (c)

Shelly Vegwert ,  Counselor, MS, LCPC    (208) 962-6412 (o,  208) 481-2611,(c                       


Bob & Wendy Werth                                               208-788-9781

Counseling & Mediation/ Family issues.


Wood River Counseling Center                             208-788-5625      

General counseling, relationship/ families,addiction, eating disorders, adolescent and child therapy.  Counselors:  Terri James M. Ed      Frank Andrews, Ph.D  

                                     Heidi Jorgensen, M.A.

Twin Falls, but comes here every Monday to his office in Hailey.  Speaks fluent Spanish.

Health & Welfare    Val Seeley                                         208-732-1591

Low Income assistance for counseling.  Mental Health & Child Protective Services.


EASTERN IDAHO REGIONAL HOSPITAL               208-227-2260



2280 East 25th Street                                     

Idaho Falls, Idaho


SERVICES: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week telephone counseling re depression. No charge/confidential.  Staffed by professionals.


FEES: None.




FAMILIES ANONYMOUS                        800-736-9805

P.O. 3475                                        10-4 M-F (Pacific Time)

Culver City, California 90231


AREA SERVED: USA, Mexico, India, Canada, England, Australia.


PURPOSE:  Offers information on support groups in caller's area on dealing with friends/families who are chemically dependent.


SERVICES:  Refers caller to nearest support group.


FEES: None.


HOW TO APPLY: Call the telephone number indicated above.




HEALTH AND WELFARE          208-736-2177  (Adult Services)

823 Harrison Street, Twin Falls (208) 736-2177)       208-734-4000 (after hours)

                                                                         208-736-2110 – Food Stamps,Twin Falls
                                                                      208-732-1631 (Child Protective Services –

                                                                          Melody Kerner – 208-732-1633)



IDAHO STATE MENTAL HOSPITAL              208-785-1200

PO Box 400

700 E. Alice St.                                                208-736-2177

Blackfoot, Idaho 83201                    (24 hours)


PURPOSE: In-patient short & long (30-60 days) skilled nursing treatment for seriously disturbed people. Contact Regional Mental Health Center in Twin Falls (736-2177) since all referrals to the State Mental Hospital must come from and through the Regional Center.


HOW TO APPLY: Call the Regional Center at 208-736-2l77 (24 hrs.).

INTERMOUNTAIN HOSPITAL                    208-377-8400

303 N. Allumbaugh                                           800-321-5984

Boise, Idaho 83704                                           (24 hours)


PURPOSE: Mental health services, including depression.


SERVICES: Free problem assessment/counseling and referral contact. 



Intermountain Hospital offers 24-hour inpatient care for adults whose acute symptoms require a safe and structured therapeutic environment. Their interdisciplinary team approach includes psychiatrists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, case managers and mental health technicians who work closely with the individual and the individual's family. Their goal is to help each patient regain the necessary skills to be in maximum control of their emotions and behaviors and be able to proceed through life with a minimum of difficulty. And because behavioral health issues vary, they tailor their inpatient services to meet the specialized needs of each patient.


Inpatient services include:


•Inpatient Acute Psychiatric Services

•Inpatient Detoxification Services


Known or probable DSM-IV Axis I diagnosis and meet one or more of the following criteria:

•A recent suicide attempt

•Current "real and present danger" suicide ideation

•Recent history of substantial self-mutilation or other self-endangering behavior

•Assaultive threats or behavior have occurred and there is a clear risk of escalation or repetition of this behavior in the near future

•Disordered, psychotic or bizarre behavior such that the patient cannot function in everyday activities

•Severe depression with functional impairment

•Severe anxiety with functional impairment

•A need for medically supervised detoxification for alcohol and/or other drugs

•Addictive behaviors and/or chemical dependency which cannot be treated on an outpatient basis

•A need for inpatient medication stabilization due to history of severe side effects from psychotropic medications or the failure of outpatient medication management 




INTERVENTION 180                                                           888-435-7960

Based in Boise

Ben Seymour, Director, Co-founder    


AREA SERVED:  National.


PURPOSE OF AGENCY:  National treatment referral and information service.  Will assist anyone with a drug problem.


SERVICES:  Substance abuse, mental health issues.  They send someone to the family for a 2-day process.  1st day:  6-8 hr presentation to the family.  2nd day:  They escort client to a treatment facility.

FEES:  Sliding scale




DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND WELFARE                                   Melody Kerner - 732-1633                                                                                                       208-734-4000 (after hours)





FEES: Sliding scale.  For those with no income there is no fee for counseling.  With Medicaid

services are free.  For medication they are referred to their own physician or they need to go to Twin Falls where the nurse practitioner can prescribe medication.  (Supervised by Dr. Dean)


HOW TO APPLY FOR ADULT MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING:   Call for appointment or call after hours:  208-312-5406.  


CHILDREN’S WELFARE SCREENING:  Call the main office or call the screener, Melody Kerner

at 732-1633.  She will come to Blaine County for home and school visits and to do screening at CSI.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: State of Idaho.


COMMENTS: Local service is limited.  Twin Falls office full time.





Designated Examiners -  Health & Welfare:  Boise calls only       24/7                                                                  

PURPOSE: Referral agency. Talk people through crisis.  Designated examiners.


SERVICES: For mental health emergency; 208-334-0808: for information and referral; 208-334-0800: for children's referral services; 208-334-6800.


NATIONAL ALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS                              208-481-0686

Blaine County Chapter


NAMI is a nationwide organization dedicated to support, education and advocacy on behalf of people with a mental illness and their families. is by the Wood River Valley chapter of National Alliance on Mental Illness.

In Idaho, they provide:

  • Support through their support groups located across the state. 

  • Education about mental health issues and concerns aimed at reducing the stigma about mental illnesses.

  • Advocacy through work at the local and statewide level for policies that help people with a mental illness live full, productive lives.

1050 Fox Acres Rd, Hailey, ID 83333            

Call for local support group times and locations


PURPOSE: Provides information, community education, legal counseling, advice and advocacy to the mentally ill and their families; support groups for adults, teens and families; educational classes for families called “Family to Family”



OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS                      208-726-7710

c/o The Sun Club                          The Sun Club

571 2nd Street E.

Ketchum, Idaho 83340


PURPOSE: A support group to help stop eating compulsions. Deals with eating disorders of all types.  A 12-Step Program.


HOW TO APPLY: Check with the telephone number indicated above for dates, days and meeting times.





DRUG & ALCOHOL TREATMENT      Greg Greenfield       208- 308-7977, or 788-3078

             Provides state funded treatment when available, Cognitive Self change, Anger Management,              Individual Counseling, Drug & Alcohol Assessment, Drug Court Provider.


SPANISH COURT ALCOHOL SCHOOL           Martha Hernandez           208-721-2920

             School of Treatment of Alcohol & Drug, or call 726-8372






COMPASSIONATE FRIENDS                     208-726-8464

c/o Hospice of the Wood River Valley

P.O. Box 4320

Ketchum, Idaho 83340


PURPOSE: To provide support to bereaved parents and siblings.


FEES: None.


HOW TO APPLY: Call the Hospice office telephone number indicated above.



HOSPICE OF THE WOOD RIVER VALLEY          208-726-8464

P.O. Box 4320

507 First Avenue North

Ketchum, Idaho 83340

(One block north of Perry's)


AREA SERVED: Blaine County.


PURPOSE: Hospice is a program which provides professional care and volunteer support to those with terminal illness as well as support to their family members.


SERVICES: Volunteer services such as visiting, relief for primary caregiver, transportation, errands and shopping, etc. Community education on death and dying and bereavement. Resource library available.


ELIGIBILITY: Limited life expectancy for all diagnoses, including AIDS.


FEES: None.


HOW TO APPLY: Referrals from physicians, family, patient. Hospice must have doctor's permission.


SOURCE OF FUNDS: Community support.


COMMENTS: Always available to answer questions on bereavement and lend support. Can refer to Hospices nationwide.



PURPOSE:  Grief is the normal and natural and PAINFUL emotional reaction to loss. Recovering from a significant emotional loss is not an easy task. Taking the actions that lead to recovery will require your attention, open-mindedness, willingness, and courage.

As a society we have been taught after a significant loss that we should:

1. Stay busy

2. Replace the loss

3. Be strong

4. Grieve alone

5. Time heals all wounds

6. That you will never get over it

These myths will keep people stuck. Unresolved Grief is cumulative and cumulatively



 There are over 43 losses that are considered Grief.  Some examples include: Death; Divorce; Retirement;   Moving;   Pet loss;   Financial change (increase or decrease in wealth;  

Loss of health;   Legal Problems;   Empty Nest;   End of Addiction;  Starting School.

Some intangible examples of Grief:  Loss of Trust;   Loss of Safety;   Loss of Control;  Loss of Faith;   Loss of Fertility


SERVICES:  Support groups, and one on one counseling. 




Blaine County Senior Center                 208-788-3468

P.O. Box 28   

Hailey, Idaho 83333


AREA SERVED: Blaine County.


PURPOSE: To provide information, referral, recreational activities and services to a senior 60 years of age or older.


SERVICES:     Outreach, relief for caregivers, meals-on-wheels - (T,W,F);  senior center meals – (M,W,F),drop-in center, rec activities, in-house activities, events, etc.

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